Theseus & the Mother-in-Law

"In the beginning there was only Chaos; Greek Chaos."


In the time before time, when the Titans came forth and battled the Olympians for immortal supremacy, Zeus, the greatest of all the Olympian Gods, emerged victorious and took to his throne on Mount Olympus. Bored with the petty squabbling between his brothers, he instructed Prometheus to create man and thus the age of the Greek Heroes began.

Fearless and brave, they battled whatever mythological creature the gods threw at them, from the hideous, hissing Medusa, to the monstrous, multi-headed Hydra, to the rampaging, raging Minotaur. Whether fighting for glory, for love, or for immortality, the champions of myth and legend made their names on the battlefields of Ancient Greece.

But who was the greatest hero of all? Was it the valiant Perseus fighting for the freedom of his dear mother? Could it be Theseus the suave slayer of the Minotaur? Perhaps it was fearsome Achilles the golden boy of Troy? Or was it the mighty demi-god Heracles, the son of Zeus himself? You decide.

Think you know the tales of the Greek heroes? Think again.

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