Seraphina: A short story in verse

“All were about to fall from the den of the hyena, For the Order had not foreseen the strength of little Seraphina.”


Born into a world ravaged by the fires of war and hate, little Seraphina is forced into hiding after her mother and father are brutally murdered by the Order.

Led by the despotic Fanatic and his army of metallic pawns, the Order seeks to crush all who defy their tyrannical regime and slaughter those who stand in their way. But amidst the bloodshed, a secret Alliance forms who dare to challenge the Fanatic’s reign.

As Seraphina grows into a fierce and respected young woman, she gains the adoration of those who fought by her parents’ side and becomes a beacon of hope for the land’s tormented souls.

With Fear and Death lurking in the shadows, Seraphina must find the courage to avenge her loved ones and free the people from the chains of eternal darkness.

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"5 Stars! Gripping High Adventure with Beautiful Profound Depth"
"A Dark and Magical Modern Fairytale"
"An Astounding Read"

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