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Born in the quaint seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea, England, Ekaterina grew up surrounded by the arts and Mediterranean culture. Half Greek through her father's side who is originally from Igoumenitsa in Greece, her English ballet-dancer mother also has a mixed background of Irish, French and distant Russian and Polish ancestry.

Ekaterina began showing an interest in the literary and performing arts from a young age, writing and performing various plays, short stories and poems, as well as studying ballet and singing. Despite a passion for her theatre studies, she initially decided to pursue a career as a criminal barrister and studied Law at University College London where she showcased her acting skills in several university theatre productions, and contributed articles for student magazines.

After completing her law degree, Ekaterina continued with her drama training while working as a PA within the legal and finance sectors, taking classes at various institutes include RADA, as well as gaining on-set experience though work as a supporting artiste and model and lending her voice to animations and short films. She has appeared in several British television productions and was cast as Dejah's handmaiden in the Hollywood blockbuster John Carter of Mars.

In 2012 Ekaterina decided to chronicle her Hellenic, showbiz-dabbling lifestyle on a blog entitled Ekaterina's Greek Expectations Her tongue-in-cheek look at life in the Greek spotlight proved very popular and was the catalyst for her first book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing, a survival guide based on the trials and tribulations of growing up with a bouzouki-loving Greek father and marrying into a baklava-wielding Cypriot family. The book reached number 2 on the Amazon Free Kindle download list in its first promotional month and garnered rave reviews.

Encouraged by the reader response, Ekaterina went on to establish a worldwide networking group called The Greek Wives Club. The concept of the group was based on one of Ekaterina’s favorite comedies, The First Wives Club and the idea was to create a space for women with Greek links to meet and post comical stories about their lives. The initiative soon grew into something of a group-therapy community about living with cultural differences, about family support and comical themes about life. It was also meant to act as another platform for Ekaterina’s blog and short stories; but she began using it to promote other bloggers and authors who wrote about relevant themes.

In 2014, Ekaterina was named February's Young Hellenic Professional of the Month by New York based mentoring company Philo4Thought and released her second book Theseus & the Mother-in-Law and Other Myths & Legends, a parody of all the Greek myths and legends, from the tale of Heracles and his twelve labours to Theseus and his battle with the Cretan Minotaur.

Her third book Seraphina: a short story in verse was published in February 2015 and takes on a completely different genre from her previous work. Set in medieval times, the dark story follows a young girl’s quest to seek vengeance for the death of her parents and is written entirely in poetic narrative.

Alongside her book publications, Ekaterina has established herself as a successful freelance writer for British and European magazines covering topics from fashion to lifestyle to travel. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post and The Greek Reporter and she has worked extensively on the leading edition in Cyprus' Prestige Publications, high-end lifestyle magazine Status.

Ekaterina is currently in talks regarding a new film project and is working on a collection of children’s stories as well as a third book in her Greek comedy series.

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